Harbl Hotel Download

The Desuroom Revival only runs the Harbl Hotel map. If it's your first time connecting to our server, your Team Fortress 2 client should automatically download the map for you. However, you can also download the map here, or download it from GameBanana.

Setting up +use

In order to interact with certain parts of the map, you'll need to bind a key to +use in Team Fortress 2. To do this, open up the developer console in the game, type bind f "+use" and then press the Enter key. For more help, watch the following video:

Video Tour of the Map

The Harbl Hotel map has many secrets. You can either explore and discover them on your own, or watch Xenon, the author of map, give you a tour through them all:

How to Micspam

A big part of the fun of the server is micspamming, and you're seriously missing out if you don't know how to participate in this pastime. You can micspam either by using Half-Life DJ or by using Virtual Audio Cable.

To use Half-Life DJ, download it, and then take a look at the manual or follow this guide to set it up.

To use Virtual Audio Cable, download it (make sure to download the Lite version), and then follow this guide to set it up.

After your tools are set up, you'll need to select what audio to micspam. This is completely up to you—from music to short sound effects to ear rape to narrative masterpieces, the choices are endless!