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WEEKLY PLAY EVENT by lolwut - 05/26/21 @ 5:38PM UTC

I've decided to schedule a weekly event for the server to ensure that there's some regular pattern of activity. It's currently set for every Saturday at 6 P.M. Central Time, but feel free to drop in earlier if you want!

NEW PROMO VIDEO by lolwut - 04/24/21 @ 6:51PM UTC

I'm proud to announce the release of the Desuroom Revival's official promotional video! I believe it captures everything about the server that we love, and that keeps us coming back to it again and again. It's right up above—watch it now!

HLDJ FIX AND OTHER TWEAKS by lolwut - 02/17/21 @ 2:47AM UTC

After much configuring, I'm glad to report that HLDJ is properly working again on the server! No other console commands or configuration of TF2 are required on your part—just drop in and start micspamming like in the old days!

I've also modified a few other settings to bring the server closer to the experience of the original Desuroom:

  • Team auto-balance has been re-enabled. I know that this isn't a popular feature, but considering the fact that the server is basically a free-for-all, with alltalk on, friendly fire enabled, and capping discouraged, it shouldn't matter too much what team you're on. I've only re-enabled it because it was enabled in the original Desuroom.
  • Respawn times have been reduced, to a few seconds at most. (The value of mp_respawnwavetime has been set to 2.5.)
  • Random bullet spreads have been re-enabled.

The one thing that I haven't re-enabled is random crits, which are not fair nor balanced. While they might have been enabled in the original Desuroom, I find this such a terrible feature that I'm making an exception to the general rule that this server should emulate the original as closely as possible, and leaving them disabled. This will most likely be the only major gameplay setting that differs from the original Desuroom.

NEW MANAGEMENT AND SITE LAUNCH by lolwut - 02/12/21 @ 2:31AM UTC

The Desuroom Revival is now under new management! The transfer of ownership was completed a few days ago, and my first two acts were to set up this Web site and an IRC channel, #desuroom @ irc.rizon.net, like how JTFish maintained an IRC channel for the original Desuroom back when it was still up.

I also inherited the Discord server from the previous owner, and I intend to keep it up and running smoothly, too. I felt that the TF2 server needed an official Web presence, something more substantial than just a Steam page, like how the original also had its own site. I intend to use this site for major announcements (to be announced in the Discord, too), whereas minor news and Discord-specific news will announced in the Discord only.

Lastly, I'm very hopeful that this server can manage to make a comeback to its old glory days. We'll always be one of the few bastions in TF2 for old 4chan culture and its rules-free, anything-goes, chaotic approach to having fun.